Læs den! The heart goes last – ep. 15

Vi tager os af Margaret Atwoods “The heart goes last” og vi er splittede. Glade for nogle dele, men edderspændt frustrerede over andre. Der er guldkorn og stykker med pubæ i denne bog. Lyt med og find ud af hvad der hvad.

Email sent from: "Dundas, Deborah" ddundas@thestar.ca Subject: FW: New Atwood book Date: 12 March, 2015 3:27:50 PM EDTEmail sent from: Dunn, Ashley [mailto:adunn@penguinrandomhouse.com] Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2015 3:18 PM To: Dundas, Deborah Subject: RE: New Atwood book So nice to talk to you just now! Here's what I haveÉ and the on sale date is Sept. 29th. Thank you! Ashley Dunn Publicity Manager Random House of Canada Penguin Random House Canada 300-1 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON, M5C 2V6 P 647-788-3976 C 416-859-9584 PLEASE NOTE: MY EMAIL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED TO adunn@penguinrandomhouse.com penguinrandomhouse.caEmail sent from: Dundas, Deborah [mailto:ddundas@thestar.ca] Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2015 10:33 AM To: Dunn, Ashley Subject: New Atwood book Hi, Ashley, Hope all is well. I'm going to do a quick hit on the new Atwood book coming out in the fall. So I have a couple of quick questions for you: 1. Do you have any kind of advance release? 2. Is the release date for Canada Sept. 29 as it is in the U.S.? 3. Do you haev a high-res of the proposed cover? Thanks so much for your help, Best, D. Deborah Dundas, Books Editor and Book Reporter 416-869-4502 ddundas@thestar.ca